28 | 03 | 2020
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automotiveIT launches global online news product www.automotiveIT.com

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The new English-language title, automotiveIT.com (www.automotiveIT.com), expands Media-Manufaktur's successful German-language product range, which includes the automotiveIT and carIT magazines, the Websites www.automotiveIT.eu, www.car-IT.com and the annual automotiveDay conference, the premier automotive IT congress in Europe.

"IT companies and carmakers operate globally, so we feel we can best serve them by offering a news product that covers developments in all the major markets and not just in Germany," said Dominik Ortlepp, Media-Manufaktur CEO and publisher of the company's various titles.

For the past two years, automotiveIT has reported in German on the major changes in business IT and in-car information technology. In-depth news and information has focused on the implications of Cloud computing for automotive companies, the growing trend toward outsourcing services and the complex challenges faced in particular by car companies.

In addition, the automotiveIT titles have documented on a daily business the sharp growth in in-car information technology, from driver assistance to telematics and infotainment, to new active and passive safety systems.

A trial version of the new English-language automotiveIT.com Web site has been attracting a growing readership in Europe, North America, China, Korea, India and elsewhere. Now, the publication expects to continue its growth in 2011 and beyond as it expands its footprint and adds to its global team of editors and reporters.

Edited by well-known automotive journalist Arjen Bongard, automotiveIT.com adds a broad range of international news and information - in English - to the comprehensive German coverage already provided by its sister Web site automotiveIT.eu. The new product covers the news that executives in the global IT and automotive industries need to be successful in their businesses.

Said Bongard: "Our focus is very precise: We cover the news that really matters and we are confident that our perspective will help our readers better grow their business."

For more information about automotiveIT.com and its German-language sister publications, please contact:

Arjen Bongard
Editor in chief, automotiveIT.com
Tel: +49 89 41610 7850
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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