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A Digital Breaker Yard Committed to Driving Down the Cost of Motoring

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only divers but also garages and mechanics making use of big, nationwide car breaker networks such as Breakeryard.com, it is down to the driver to ensure they make the saving rather than their garage.

Fuel has never been more expensive than in the first quarter of 2012, insurance premiums for young drivers, new drivers, 4x4 cars, sports cars and plenty of other groups of driver or vehicles are being pushed up by the insurance companies and then there is the trust issue with garages and mechanics - drivers often find themselves wondering whether that part really needed replacing with a new one or if there would not have been a more economical way of fixing it. The fact that dealerships (dubbed "stealerships" on forums and car industry blogs) are renown for charging more for services and repairs is well known but choosing an independent garage simply on price could be even more risky. Small, independent garages are under financial pressure as well these days and will pull every trick in the book to make sure they make a good profit. This often includes using second hand spare parts rather than new ones which is acceptable as long as they inform the customer.

In the past, drivers had to rummage around their local scrap yard or breaker with a set of tools and hope for the best which was out of the question for most. Today, finding second hand spares could not be easier. Professionally organised networks make used parts accessible to the masses with a few simple clicks. Breakeryard.com is the UK"s leading network of approved breaker yards, car dismantlers and scrap yards. Through their website www.breakeryard.com drivers, garages and independent mechanics can search a large number of specialist breakers across the country for their parts which vastly increases the chances of success. All parts are generally ready for shipping within 24h matching the high standards and expectations set by large online retailers such as Amazon and eBay/. A quotation system based on a bidding process ensures that breakers quote their best price for the required part, not knowing the prices quoted by other breakers. Breakeryard.com can also be contacted by phone for support by their friendly customer service team under 0208 517 8856.

Breakeryard.com Ltd.
496 Gale Street
Tel: 0208 517 8856
Fax: 0208 478 6162
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: www.breakeryard.com

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Optik: Neue Autos sind schöner als alte Autos.
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